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Spotlight: Arrested in Missouri for the colors of a... · 30 Dec 2012 You

It just dawned on me who Anna Mason Ambler is--she is the daughter of John Mason, of Virginia, commissioner to Great Britain and was, with John Slidell, involved in the Trent…

Spotlight: Letter from Anna Mason Ambler to husband,... · 17 Apr 2010 You

That should be Angelina County, but the page won't completely load on my laptop for me to fix it. I'll fix it later.

Spotlight: Enrolling officer in Angelina County,... · 24 Jul 2009 You

Followup--When I couldn't find this letter cited in accounts of Ft. Davis, I contacted the Natl Hist Site, and sure enough, it was new to them. I sent a transcription and…

Spotlight: Account of the burning of Fort Davis,... · 01 Aug 2008 You

I'm from Tyler, Texas, and I've not heard that Sequoyah died near here. Where did you get your information? I'd like to follow up on it. Vicki Betts

Memorial Page: The Trail of Tears · 24 May 2008 You

I live a couple of miles from the Camp Ford prison site. It actually cleared out in late May, 1865. See: Vicki…

Memorial Page: BEV'S CIVIL WAR VETERANS~PAGE 11 · 24 May 2008 You