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Use the image controls (the button that looks like a sun) and set the contrast to the max and adjust the brightness. It becomes a little more readable.

Image, found in Confederate Amnesty Papers: Page 4 · 23 Aug 2008 You

This James Monroe Bacon wolud have been born in the year 1818

Image, found in Passport Applications, 1795-1905: Page 1 · 09 Aug 2008 You

who would have thought that the site runs on an iPod

Spotlight: Footnote Network update · 04 Jun 2008 You

The extent of the devastation is astonishing.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 08 Apr 2008 You

It says "Continue". Not particularly useful document.

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 5 · 08 Apr 2008 You

You can see this report in context at Indeed the second resolution is as short as stated here according the official journal of the…

Memorial Page: Report from the Grand Compromise Committee · 22 Jan 2007 You

"This certainly violates the Espionage Act." -- I would like to get a source to "the Espionage Act". Intriguing that speaking out against the military is considered espionage.

Memorial Page: Jack London's "A Good Soldier" · 20 Jan 2007 You

"Whose necessary expenses shall be defrayed, but who shall receive no salary, stipend, fee or reward whatsoever for their services." -- This the same deal that George Washington…

Memorial Page: Constitutional Convention, Week of 29 May... · 19 Jan 2007 You

This is a very cool document!!

Image, found in sjackman's uploads: Lumey Smith Presley's family bible; births... · 12 Jan 2007 You

This letter guarantees Captain Jones the command of a new ship. Unfortunately the ship was sold to the King of France due to financial difficulties before it was ever used by…

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 65 · 15 Dec 2006 You

This an interesting document.

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 5b · 08 Dec 2006 You