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Its strange how these stories of the infamous seem so much alike. The head of one of the Harpes Brothers was on display for years as was that of John Murrell, supposedly stolen…

Memorial Page: Joaquin Murrieta · 30 Jan 2011 You

shoudl read to cash paid to Cherokee chiefs for two horses stolen

Image, found in Cherokee Indian Agency (TN): Page 21 · 26 Dec 2010 You

see also John Murrell and the 1835 Slave Revolt.

Memorial Page: Slave Rebellion · 25 Dec 2010 You

There were great swamps in many states...the dismal swamp of Va. housed some of the worst runaways and criminals in the new world. Some swamps were populated by melungeons who…

Memorial Page: Germany to Ohio's Black Swamp 1835-1849 · 11 Dec 2010 You

I find bullets, buttons and etc from his Texas cavalry near Atlanta. He is called "Sul" Ross in the official record. Redclaysreturn087

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See my pages and footnotes on the Pony Club

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The above was written by Ray Henderson @

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