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Private Felix Hoover under Capt. James Ross - 1st Pennsylvania Continental Line.

Image, found in Pennsylvania Archives: Page 652 · 04 Nov 2012 You

I believe when someone typed the names on this list, they mistook a "v" for and "n" in the spelling of Felix Hover (or Felix Hoover.)

Image, found in Pennsylvania Archives: Page 675 · 04 Nov 2012 You

Bill Eickhoff is in the middle photo of the sailors and the Philippino children. He is standing in the back right with his hand on his hip.

Image, found in Navy Cruise Books, 1918-2009: Page 20 · 24 Oct 2012 You

Ralph Rudolph Eickhoff was William Ernest Eickhoff, Sr's brother making him William (Bill) Ernest Eickhoff, Jr's uncle. Ralph and Bill sometimes went hunting together. Bill's…

Image, found in WWII "Old Man's Draft" Registration Cards: Page 2 · 10 Jul 2012 You