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This picture is owned and sent to me via email from Susan Wisniowski-Susan is a decendant of the above couple.

Spotlight: MILDRED ROSELLA LARMAN-LEITCH or LEACH. · 27 Jan 2011 You

24 Apr 1917, Washington Post article. Edna, died a LEWIS?

Spotlight: Edna LEWIS, daughter Son Confederate, John... · 19 Jan 2011 You

Sent to me via email from a No, I'm not related. Just someone interested in anything to do with the civil war era and historical events. Sure, you can gladly put them on…

Spotlight: A rare "tin" sent to me via email from a... · 06 Sep 2010 You

The record for June 27, was broken today. From WV, though Central-Maryland. The heat index here, was abt 106, and the actual temp., was at least 100. Central Maryland

Spotlight: Charles Town, WV. June 27, 2010-Billy &... · 27 Jun 2010 You

Apparently Cathern UNKNOWN-SULLIVAN, died prior to 1870, Roger's wife.

Image, found in llighthse's uploads: 1870-roger-sullivan-n-joseph-johnson-dc.jpg · 04 Jun 2010 You

I corrected this census' at as well the HOH, should be spelled LARMAN, not TARMAN.

Spotlight: Solomon KIRBY, living with a son-in-law.... · 31 May 2010 You

You can find a LARMAN orbit at

Spotlight: Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS... · 16 May 2010 You

Here's another picture of your great-grand-aunt Ella BALLENGER-NEUBECK-SPITZER ....... I've located some pictures of her parents George Ballinger and Ella Jack) but will have to…

Image, found in llighthse's uploads: Ella-Grace-Ballenger--dau-of-Ella-n-George... · 24 Mar 2010 You

Howard Irving LEWIS, Joseph's only son died in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland on the morning of January 09, 2009. Howard died of a HEART ATTACK, at somewhat over 90 years of age.…

Memorial Page: Joseph Irvin LEWIS, born Washington DC,... · 19 Feb 2010 You

This is one of the daughter's of Ella Grace JACK-BALLENGER-FOSTER, who died in VA abt 1935-1940.

Spotlight: Death of Ella G. SPITZER, formerly a... · 18 Feb 2010 You

This is the worst BLIZZARD I have ever seen and I have lived around the DC/Balto., MD area for a long time.

Spotlight: HISTORICAL snowstorm/BLIZZARD of DC/Balto... · 06 Feb 2010 You

Official illistrated history of the Washington DC, first 9th district.

Spotlight: Dewitt H. TEEPLE, first commander of 9th... · 25 Nov 2009 You

This info was saved by the John DeWitt HANDIBOE, family and was named The Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC, an illistrated history.

Spotlight: Dewitt H. TEEPLE, first commander of 9th... · 25 Nov 2009 You

Dewitt H. TEEPLE, former UNION solider and GreatGrandfth of William R. HANDIBOE, was the commander of the very first 9th district police as a Lt. 1899. I assume that's him in…

Spotlight: Dewitt H. TEEPLE, first commander of 9th... · 25 Nov 2009 You

They had my Grandfather's middle initial wrong here.

Spotlight: Joseph Irvin LEWIS, 1930 fed census, taken... · 24 Oct 2009 You

Ella Grace JACK-BALLENGER, was one of my Great Grandmother's-on my father's side.

Spotlight: Ella Grace BALLENGER, wife of dec'd George... · 07 Oct 2009 You

Pearl Evelyn TEEPLE-HANDIBOE, was one of Dewitt H. TEEPLE'S, daughters.

Spotlight: Dewitt H. TEEPLE, a Great Grandfth of... · 01 Oct 2009 You

John had been going to a private Baptist school in Silver Spring, prior to that and they taught different. John graduated in Anne Arundel Co., in 1990-1 Andover High School.

Spotlight: John Howard HANDIBOE, 3rd grade at Grace... · 26 Aug 2009 You

Grace Brethren is a Christian School, this is the 1979-1980 picture. John was in the third grade only because I gave them my permission to hold him back a year when he began to…

Spotlight: John Howard HANDIBOE, 3rd grade at Grace... · 26 Aug 2009 You

This was sent to me by Daughter's of the Confederacy in 2000.

Spotlight: CONFEDERATE LEWIS', some of them, that... · 22 Aug 2009 You