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WWII military info on William Joseph LAWLOR, one of my step-Grandfather's.

Spotlight: William Joseph LAWLOR, one of my... · 10 Nov 2008 You

This is an address and place I still remember as a child. My Grandmother's 2nd husband, who died in Washington DC-see Washington Post, he died 1952.

Spotlight: William Joseph LAWLOR, one of my... · 10 Nov 2008 You

Alvin lived till after 1920 in Covington Township, TIOGA, PA. Alvin married a Hettie. He died before her.

Spotlight: Alvin H. INGALLS, husband of a STETLER or... · 02 Nov 2008 You Dean THOMSON, at above email if you have info on Abner's parents. THANKS.

Spotlight: Abner STETLER'S death certificate, died at... · 02 Nov 2008 You

Albert STOKES, married a LEWIS in Washington DC or maybe NY. 1930 fed census taken in Washington DC. Albert is deceased, died in Baltimore, MD. WV, FYI, in 1860 was actually…

Spotlight: Albert STOKES and his family in 1930 DC... · 29 Oct 2008 You

I saw some information you posted on Ancestry that seems related to research that I am doing. Here’s what I found: Name: Albert Lionel Stokes Birth Date: 1913 Birth Place:…

Memorial Page: LLoyd Lionel Stokes, some timeline, some... · 29 Oct 2008 You

1930 fed census taken in Washington DC. Which includes John M. LEWIS & his family.

Spotlight: John M. (Meriweather) LEWIS b. Oct 1872 in... · 29 Oct 2008 You

John H. (HENRY) LEWIS, was buried in the EMMERSON, family plot at the cemetery, that was his wife's "maiden" name.

Spotlight: John H. LEWIS, & younger brother George... · 27 Oct 2008 You

Herman came into the US from German or PRUSSIA, at about age 13 and sold cookies, door to door to start off.

Spotlight: Herman ELFERS and family in 1930 New York... · 27 Oct 2008 You

This was one of my Grandfather's Herman ELFERS. He died 1960 in NY.

Spotlight: Herman ELFER'S death notice the New York... · 25 Oct 2008 You

WWI draft card, Washington DC of one of a Step-GreatGrandfather. He was Susanna, Susannah or Susie BALLENGER-LARMAN-FOSTER'S 2nd husband. He apparently died during WWI.

Spotlight: Quincy W. FOSTER, 2nd husband of Susanna... · 25 Oct 2008 You

1910 fed census taken in Washington DC.

Spotlight: Quincy W. FOSTER, born in Virginia, dec'd... · 25 Oct 2008 You

Sorry,.. about the messed up publish date. On front of book, Washington D. C. PEAKE & COMPANY, publishers 1895.

Spotlight: John H. LEWIS, & younger brother George... · 16 Oct 2008 You

Mary EMMERSON-LEWIS, died in Washington DC 1911. They moved to Washington DC, as a result of the brutal occupation of Virginia, by the US Governement, to the victims of the civil…

Spotlight: Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS 1850 fed... · 13 Oct 2008 You Thank you for the site.

Memorial Page: Captain John NORRIS,(UNION) b. PA, POW... · 06 Oct 2008 You

This record from Aslo, regarding STETLER,

Spotlight: STETLER, John, military record, from... · 06 Oct 2008 You

Born August 20, 1918 of a Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR & a Joseph Irvin LEWIS (both born in Washington DC) in Washington DC, here is my father with his only son.

Spotlight: Howard Irving LEWIS at 90 and only son.... · 06 Oct 2008 You

Herny LARMAN, Sr. born in Maryland and had married a Margaret Ann KIRBY, also born in MD-dec'd in DC (1904). Henry's main job, was water mains inspector, Washington DC.

Spotlight: Henry LARMAN, former UNION solider died... · 30 Sep 2008 You

George W. BALLENGER, was married to a Ella Grace JACK, who's father was a James JACK.

Spotlight: BALLENGER'S in the Washington DC directory · 28 Sep 2008 You

This is the only John H. LEWIS, that MAY fit the description, as John H. (henry), became a builder, in Washington DC, after the civil war, as the CONFEDERATE'S in Portsmouth,…

Spotlight: John H. LEWIS, -this may be john Henry... · 28 Sep 2008 You