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Chas A Kimberly union Lt. 112 NY Vol. infy

Image, found in War of 1812 Pension Files: Page 3 · 17 Jan 2015 You

which is it Missouri or Maryland? both Bendann and Kimberly need to point to this, so more clear picture of what is going on here!

Image, found in Union Citizens File: Page 3 · 18 Aug 2014 You

i was unable to read it the second time i view it.

Spotlight: Spotlight · 09 Oct 2013 You

next page over, look like letter is W.Jackson. not, A. Jackson

Spotlight: Andrew Jackson · 27 Sep 2013 You

un readable

Image, found in Revolutionary War Milestone Documents: Page 1 · 17 Apr 2013 You

it sad at fold3 has only three items on steamship in the civil war.

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - KY: Page 15 · 16 Jun 2012 You

now to find the other fifty. found them in the 80's for free now i pay, an can found them, mmm

Spotlight: Ahabad Kimberly Capt · 02 May 2012 You