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When you're in the viewer, there is a "Print" button in the toolbar about the image viewing area. Clicking that will bring up a box with your options for printing.

Spotlight: A. K. Canterbury · 16 Oct 2008 You

What's interesting is that we have a similar situation in which some are saying China is affecting our weather.

Spotlight: 1904: Europe blames America for climate... · 22 Sep 2008 You

Was Washington at Valley Forge in 1783? I had thought he was there much earlier.

Spotlight: Editorial cartoon critical of freedom of... · 19 Sep 2008 You

Two differences between the Chinese (or Oriental) Dragon and the European Dragon are first, the Chinese Dragon is long, thin and more snake like whereas the European Dragon has a…

Image, found in jwalgren's uploads: Chinese Dragon · 16 Sep 2008 You

Hong Kong is very diverse. The people there come from all over the world. There natives, Americans, British, Indian and many other countries as well. It can be termed a…

Memorial Page: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region · 11 Sep 2008 You