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Yes, customer is correct. That should be Elam, not Elain. Hope someone can correct it.

Image, found in War of 1812 Pension Files: Page 4 · 09 Dec 2011 You

"Daily" is the operative word. The oldest college newspaper is "The Dartmouth" which premiered in 1799.

Memorial Page: Today In History- January 28 · 28 Jan 2010 You

In the section on using the collection (above), it states that only the first several thousand pensions are being scanned as part of a pilot project. In the linked press release,…

Memorial Page: Civil War "Widows' Pension" Applications · 26 Mar 2009 You

Rebecca Richardson Collingwood is my great-great grandmother. I ordered this file several years ago from NARA for something like $50, but it's nice to find it as part of my…

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Good historical synopsis!

Memorial Page: Battle of Gettysburg · 24 Oct 2008 You

Any chance you can correct the spelling of "cemetery" in the header? Thanks!

Memorial Page: Leonard & Maggie Schilling Aulenbach... · 03 Apr 2008 You

This is for Monday, December 16, 1805, I believe, after reading page 2's news.

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