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I just saw a History Detectives episode on PB S about William Moran and his diary. It was a moving story about how Moran's daughter, whom he never knew, was found and given the…

Image, found in Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII: Page 3 · 20 Jul 2009 You

Thank you for your service to our country. My father was in Vietnam so I have a have a slight understanding of the sacrifices you made.

Spotlight: Lance Corporal Donald W. Book with "Gary" · 04 Mar 2009 You

I have to admit that Mrs. Teiss, who I had in fourth grade was the meanest teacher I had while at Highland Park. I just looked up the Highland Park website and it lists Pat…

Memorial Page: Highland Park Elementary 1981-82 - Then & Now · 20 Feb 2009 You

Professor Schroepfer, What other sources would we be able to use to establish his position on this subject? Johnny Dogood

Memorial Page: History 202 - Colonial History - (example) · 13 Jan 2008 You

I have checked out your other spotlights and think they are awesome. The photos you choose are extremely intriguing. Keep them coming!

Spotlight: Williamsburg Bridge on March 20, 1918 · 29 Oct 2007 You

Great find. Those Revolutionary War Pensions can be a gold mine.

Spotlight: James Elting · 16 Oct 2007 You

Great photo from a classic time. Thanks for spotlighting this!

Spotlight: Janet Leigh and John Wayne · 08 Aug 2007 You

This is a great map. I especially like the name of the township "East Hoosuck". Thanks for uploading this image.

Spotlight: Lanesborough, 1776 · 17 Jul 2007 You

On July 18, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was first proclaimed from here, to the jubilant citizens of Boston. Later that day, the lion and unicorn, along with other…

Image, found in Photos - Fine Arts Commission, Series G: 66G1D8 · 31 Mar 2007 You

plenipotentiary - a person, esp. a diplomatic agent, invested with full power or authority to transact business on behalf of another. source:

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 1 · 30 Mar 2007 You

Come and give me a hand then and I will give you a mind and a place for your feet to stand then which only the wise can find so in the dwellings of mortals forgiveness shall…

Image, found in Photos - Fine Arts Commission, Series G: 66G16121 · 30 Mar 2007 You

Secdtion 10 on this page outlines the pay for hospital staff: Surgeons and physicians will receive four dollars and six rations per day. The Inspector General will receive five…

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 4 · 07 Jan 2007 You

The script to the side reads: The Legislature shall meet at least once every year and that meeting shall be on the first Monday in December unless a different day shall be…

Image, found in Constitutional Convention Records: 1 · 05 Jan 2007 You