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Hey, Amy. You can correct the name by clicking on "Suggest correction" above. (LGP)

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Lavi, George W. · 13 Jul 2012 You

You may have some luck by contacting The National Archives in Great Britain.

Memorial Page: War of 1812 Prize Cases, 1812 - 1816 · 03 Jun 2012 You

Appeal from the Maritime Court in the Middle District of Massachusetts Bay. October 17, 1776, read and referred to a special committee. Transferred to the committee on Appeals and…

Image, found in Revolutionary War Prize Cases - Captured Vessels: Page 1 · 22 Nov 2011 You

Footnote and the National Archives staff and volunteers are working as fast as possible while still maintaining a process to ensure high quality images, indexes, while preserving…

Memorial Page: Civil War "Widows' Pension" Applications · 22 Apr 2011 You

You can determine the roll number by accessing the descriptive pamphlet. There is a link to it in the description section above. The contents of each roll are included at the end…

Memorial Page: Records of the Cherokee Indian Agency in... · 11 Jul 2010 You

Popular and respected author Nathaniel Philbrick recently published "The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn."

Memorial Page: General Court Martial of General George A... · 25 Jun 2010 You

This page will tell you where and how to order military service and pension records.

Memorial Page: Civil War "Widows' Pension" Applications · 05 Nov 2009 You

The contents of each file are scanned fully. These are not selected records.

Memorial Page: Civil War "Widows' Pension" Applications · 08 Oct 2009 You

Please see the description of naturalization records at for an answer to your question.

Memorial Page: Index to Naturalizations of World War I... · 09 May 2008 You

Please see added paragraph above.

Memorial Page: Indexes to Naturalization Records · 09 May 2008 You

If you take a look at the Rev War pension files on Footnote, you'll have an idea of the type of information available when you order a full CW pension file. The Civil War Pensions…

Memorial Page: Civil War Pensions Index · 09 May 2008 You

Yes, you're right. Unfortunately, this is a publication provided by NARA that includes a typo. You figured it out so we can hope others will, too. NARA knows of the error.

Memorial Page: Passport Applications, 1795-1905 · 14 Apr 2008 You