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Mt Pleasant is misspelled in this document. I have annotated the original spelling.

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I love this picture of my Mom and my Uncle Dru. I think it is so adorable!

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This picture was taken when Curtis Wynder graduated from Brigham Young University with his Masters Degree.

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Normally I would not be concerned with the technical rules of a government Convention; however, I think it would be fascinating for someone interested in parliamentary procedure…

Memorial Page: Journal of the Constitutional Convention · 04 Jan 2007 You

Blake thank you for the suggestion on W. Livingston's identity. It is also possible that W. Livingston stands for "William Livingston"…

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Chris, How did you become interested in Dietrich Bonhoeffer? This is a very interesting topic page.

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It is interesting to note that out of the 2,367 people aboard the titanic only 705 people were rescued.

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