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Alonzo Hersford Cushing (January 19, 1841 – July 3, 1863) was an artillery officer in the Union Army. He died at Gettysburg while defending the Union position on Cemetery Ridge…

Spotlight: Pension file of Civil War Hero Alonzo Cushing · 26 May 2010 You

This ship was named by and for Edmond-Charles Genêt who came to the US to talk Washington into joining France's war with the monarchies of Europe. When Washington declined,…

Spotlight: Privateer Citizen Genet · 31 Jul 2007 You

These 3 radar blips are also described in the case that begins with this image,

Image, found in Project Blue Book - UFO Investigations: Page 6 · 10 Apr 2007 You

This was the original proposal for the Bill of Rights. The first two articles where not originally ratified as amendments, so the numbers are a little off from what I learned in…

Image, found in American Milestone Documents: Page 1 · 09 Apr 2007 You

Here are a couple of things that might help: Part of the text of the act: A Wikipedia article about it:…

Memorial Page: Jack London's "A Good Soldier" · 14 Mar 2007 You

This is an interesting timeline of the colonization of North America by Britain based on the patents granted by various kings and queens.

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 1 · 18 Dec 2006 You

This is a test comment by dymaxion

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 351 · 18 Dec 2006 You

A document authorizing representatives at the peace negotiations, instructing them to ". . .accede to no treaty of peace which shall not be such as may effectually secure the…

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 1 · 14 Dec 2006 You