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You'd think the headline would have been bigger...

Spotlight: South Boston Paper Announces The Surrender... · 27 Jul 2007 You

It would have been more interesting if he had fought for the Union though :)

Spotlight: Robert E. Lee Jr's Confederate Service Record · 27 Jul 2007 You

I wonder if the Empire had given the Colonies more power/independence under the Empire if the US would have never existed. It seems a common pattern in history that the harder…

Spotlight: Growing Tension · 18 Jul 2007 You

Too bad there isn't better detail of the sword.

Spotlight: A real samurai from the Mathew Brady... · 18 Jul 2007 You

I'm sure fuses were short and tempers flared often that summer. Heat, exhaustion and constant suspicion can do that to you. It's amazing that the US was ever formed, let along…

Memorial Page: Continental Congress Bickering · 18 Jul 2007 You

What was the voting age before? Was it not specified?

Spotlight: Right Voting Age · 18 Jul 2007 You

If that is true, are term limits necessary in today's world? I suppose that they allow a President to work his second term instead of worrying about reelection, but is he less…

Spotlight: Limit of Two Terms · 18 Jul 2007 You

It is interesting that in light of this that many people in the South continue to fly the Confederate flag (which, of course, is their right).

Spotlight: Cordial Respect Given · 18 Jul 2007 You

The Constitution states in Article I section 3: "The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no Vote, unless they be equally…

Image, found in American Milestone Documents: Page 2 · 18 Jul 2007 You

The motivation for coming to the United States hasn't really changed. Poverty in other countries is very relevant to immigration issues today.

Memorial Page: Voyage of an Italian · 11 Jun 2007 You

The continuation of the quote is "Even if the work is done, then it is still each person’s responsibility to study and become acquainted with his ancestors."

I think…

Memorial Page: Genealogy Jumpstart · 23 May 2007 You

eliz has a story page about this

Image, found in News - Gazette Virginian (Halifax Co VA): Page 2 · 05 Mar 2007 You

Well, ducks are pretty big in Oregon. The University or Oregon's mascot is the ducks so it's possible that she was from that school. Either that or it was just a publicity…

Memorial Page: A Beauty Pageant for the Ducks · 05 Mar 2007 You