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This school has since been torn down. Thanks goodness! I hated it! Seriously, it was a prison.

Memorial Page: Abington Junior High School Yearbook, 1980 · 26 Feb 2009 You

I find it interesting that the game took only 1 hour and 35 minutes. Today's baseball games regularly pass 3 hours, with playoff games often going significantly longer.

Spotlight: Boston Americans beat the Pitsburgh... · 09 Jan 2009 You

Actually, a "clairvoyant" is different than a "psychic". Clairvoyants only claim to have information about objects that aren't present. What you need is probably a "guidance…

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Photo is courtesy of Ruth Stoker Beck, descendant of Rhoda Ann. I am descended through William (far left).

Image, found in darrin's uploads: Thomas Boam and family, about 1882 in Utah · 04 May 2008 You

Leo is on the left. I believe the other two men were also from his home town of Cowley, Wyoming.

Image, found in darrin's uploads: Leo Lythgoe in World War I · 13 Apr 2008 You

I took this picture right before Game 2 of the 2007 World Series with the Colorado Rockies. Opposite the banner they had a viewing stand with a bunch of cameras aimed in this…

Image, found in darrin's uploads: Welcome to Fenway Park · 28 Mar 2008 You

It's interesting that the All Star came was held so late back then. BTW, the Sox finished the year 4 games out of first. The Tigers were second (3 games out), and the Evil Empire…

Spotlight: Ted Williams elbow fracture ruins Red Sox... · 26 Sep 2007 You

I'm certain that "W" wouldn't have been re-elected if there hadn't been a war, but then he probably knew that all along (or at least Karl and Dick did)...

Spotlight: Limit of Two Terms · 25 Jul 2007 You

I think the author means "pittance". What I would like to know is what kind of claim *did* the grandmother have on Pennsylvania Avenue? Did her ancestors own the land there?

Memorial Page: Grandma Ball's Chunk of Pennsylvania Ave. · 23 Mar 2007 You

I found a diary kept by his mother (Mary Leever Wainright) among the writings of my grandmother. We are not related to the Wainrights. The Wainrights lived in Ohio, and my…

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Wainright, Lucius G. · 05 Mar 2007 You