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The father's name is "Wonderful."

Spotlight: Fart Family · 13 Dec 2007 You

For those who can't read the document, the child was named "Susie May." Tough start for a kid.

Spotlight: Fart Family · 10 Dec 2007 You

The Blue Book title represents all of the public information we were able to get from NARA. If you have other documentation, please share it on the site or contact us with…

Image, found in Project Blue Book - UFO Investigations: Page 11 · 30 Nov 2007 You


Spotlight: Bijzonder · 29 Nov 2007 You

cool Spotlight.

Spotlight: Drury Cosby Shot · 17 Oct 2007 You

What a wonderful page! Thanks for sharing some of your family's story and their photos.

Memorial Page: The Immigrant Ancestors of Robert Rigby Hull · 09 Oct 2007 You

Is that a giant cactus on the left?

Spotlight: Born Annibrita d'WAINIO, this is my... · 20 Sep 2007 You


Memorial Page: Mother's Journal · 13 Aug 2007 You

Wikipedia has a good overview of the controversy surrounding this event, which led to the Vietnam War.

Spotlight: Map of the U.S.S. Maddox (Tonkin)... · 11 Aug 2007 You

Great page. Footnote will be adding the Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) of the U.S. Army Air Forces, 1942-1947 soon. Might be worthwhile to check back and see if there are any…

Memorial Page: Arlis Anderson 1916-1943 · 09 Aug 2007 You

According to the Washington Post story about the letter: "On July 7, 1863, three days after Vicksburg's surrender and four days after Gettysburg, Lincoln took out a sheet of…

Image, found in chris's uploads: Lincoln Letter to Maj. General Halleck... · 03 Aug 2007 You

Some details: This is a typewritten account of the detonation of "Trinity," the first atomic device, on July 16, 1945, written by physicist Luis W. Alvarez, who witnessed it from…

Spotlight: Eyewitness Description of the First Atomic... · 16 Jul 2007 You

Found at

Image, found in chris's uploads: amelia-earhart.jpg · 06 Jul 2007 You

Where to find this house on Google Maps:,+ny&ie=UTF8&ll=43.1335542674,-75.673517266&spn=0.001754,0.0042&t=h&z=19&om=1

Image, found in chris's uploads: Farmhouse.jpg · 03 May 2007 You

Typo: The Bureau of Investigations though it contraversial enough to keep it on file. Should be: The Bureau of Investigations thought it controversial enough to keep it on file.

Memorial Page: Jack London's "A Good Soldier" · 17 Apr 2007 You

This is a page from the Southern Claim for losses incurred during the Civil War by Gen. Lorenzo Thomas ( and his brother Henry.

Image, found in Southern Claims - Barred and Disallowed: Page 2 · 11 Apr 2007 You

Beautiful documents.

Memorial Page: Col. Fenton Post #24 GAR · 04 Apr 2007 You

I think you're right. Changed.

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Google, Christopher · 27 Mar 2007 You

Joseph Shell as referenced at

Image, found in Project Blue Book - UFO Investigations: Page 12 · 21 Mar 2007 You

Do you have a scan of this letter, which you could attach to this page?

Memorial Page: My great great grandmother, Julia Ann... · 16 Feb 2007 You