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Here she is taking off in the darkness

Spotlight: Enola Gay? · 06 Sep 2015 You

If you look around fold3 you will indeed find Enola Gay taking off in the hours of darkness

Spotlight: Enola Gay? · 05 Sep 2015 You

The history of this airplane is in: A history of the air force atomic energy program 1943 - 1953, Introduction and chapter 1, Project Silverplate 1943 - 1946, page 156. "Full…

Spotlight: 509th Composite Group "Full House" · 05 Sep 2015 You

Along with the Lancaster and Stirling, the Halifax was part of the Royal Air Force's bomber offensive

Spotlight: 3x Handley Page Halifax bombers · 04 Sep 2015 You

look here

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 14 Jul 2015 You

She was carrying mustard gas at the time

Image, found in charlese87328's uploads: SS John L Motley - Sunk at Bari, Italy · 04 Jul 2015 You

Spotlight: Presentation of the Medal of Honor · 01 Jul 2015 You

She was born Vera Staritzka in Siberia on 10th December 1912 and was probably of Jewish extraction and almost certainly illegitimate. She appears to have been adopted as an infant…

Image, found in WWII War Diaries: Page 892 · 31 May 2015 You

There is a P-51 to the right of the wing of the B-17. Maybe this will help…

Spotlight: Eiffel Tower Display · 25 May 2015 You

Here is the link to see Robert Ley

Spotlight: Strength thru joy · 23 May 2015 You

Broken up Thomas Ward and Sons Shipbreaking Yard, Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland December 1947.

Spotlight: Strength thru joy · 21 May 2015 You

Its a Missal not a missile

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 16 May 2015 You

He is on the USS Wasp CV-7 on the River Clyde heading for King George V Dock at Glasgow. There they will pick up spitfires. The carrier had off loaded her group in the Orkneys at…

Image, found in charlese87328's uploads: michael holt kernodle.jpg · 01 Apr 2015 You

Have a look at this

Spotlight: Sgt. Mabel S. Carney, Camden, N.J · 25 Mar 2015 You

This must be up to the point when the destroyers and two oilers left the task force.

Spotlight: Escorts includes USS GWIN DD=433 · 24 Mar 2015 You

Looks like a PBY5a with a retractable undercarriage. Philippine Islands -The two-year-old daughter of a pathologist, whose family was evacuated just before the Jap arrival, is…

Spotlight: Catalina · 06 Mar 2015 You

Notice the destroyer behind Cimarron's funnel.

Spotlight: USS Cimarron · 25 Feb 2015 You

Is it an Oscar?

Spotlight: Derelict Japanese Fighter · 23 Feb 2015 You

Its called Airborne Interception Radar "A.I" the first sets were AI Mk IV

Spotlight: Airborne Interception Radar · 16 Feb 2015 You

Look at the stars and bars under each wing. I wonder if he got the 190

Spotlight: p-47 dogfight · 07 Feb 2015 You