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Thanks for your keen eye. That makes perfect sense now.

Spotlight: What is this word? · 27 Oct 2011 You

Louie Zamperini was assigned to The Green Hornet, to conduct a search for a lost aircraft and its crew. Following mechanical failures it crashed into the pacific ocean.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 16 Sep 2011 You

The airplane was named the "Green Hornet" and was a B-24 according to Zamperini's bio.

Image, found in Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII: Page 707 · 07 Mar 2011 You

This was Rita and Charles in front of their Truck

Image, found in blake's uploads: Rita & Charles · 30 Apr 2010 You

There is no getting out of that.

Spotlight: Bamboo Punji Pit Booby Trap in Vietnam · 03 Feb 2010 You

Saved by the bell.

Spotlight: Halloween: Device to save those buried alive · 08 Oct 2009 You

Here is a link to a colored version

Spotlight: Rembrandt's "Money Changer" catalogued... · 05 Oct 2009 You

Great reasoning in this ad.

Spotlight: Need a Higher Paying job? Eat Grape-Nuts · 27 Aug 2009 You

Article states his last words were. "Good bye. Please dig my grave very deep. All right; hurry up."

Spotlight: 4/27/1901 - HIS HEAD SEVERED BY THE ROPE · 13 May 2009 You

It says three P-51, but there are actually 4 there. You can see the tail wing labled 'H'.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 08 May 2009 You

Nice photo

Spotlight: WWII war photographer posing with camera... · 07 May 2009 You

wow. baseball size hail doesn't mix with wind and large structures made of wood very well.

Spotlight: Now That's a Hail Storm · 05 Mar 2009 You

Wow, that does look like the moon's craters.

Spotlight: Swiss Cheese, the Surface of the Moon or A... · 26 Feb 2009 You

$100,000 is about $1,313,122.23 in 2007 terms

Image, found in blake's uploads: lincoln-reward-poster.jpg · 13 Feb 2009 You

And more on the story.

Spotlight: Dick Tracy comic - 1935 · 19 Jan 2009 You

Here is the conclusion to Dick's question. It was Blake not Toby the girl.

Spotlight: Dick Tracy comic - 1935 · 19 Jan 2009 You

That is a great photo. Thanks for sharing.

Spotlight: Rock of Ages Grand Canyon 1905 · 14 Jan 2009 You

"The christmas story" comes to mind.

Spotlight: Old newspaper ad: What every real boy... · 26 Dec 2008 You

Nice find. Very artistic looking the way it was shot.

Spotlight: See research article about this photograph... · 26 Aug 2008 You

I think they still do.

Spotlight: Smart women intimidate men of the West... · 08 Aug 2008 You