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With an eye for art, a mind for detail, and a passion for technology, Steve Jobs was more than an innovator, more than an inventor. He was an icon whose legacy will be felt for…

Spotlight: Early Apple Computer Advertisement · 06 Oct 2011 You

Member Suggestion: "The first name of the individual should not be James as indicated in the summary"

Image, found in Confederate Citizens File: Page 17 · 29 Jun 2010 You

One of many numerous evidences of the level to which humanity may sink if not checked.

Spotlight: Who Can Question the Holocaust? Nuremberg... · 23 Dec 2009 You

I added the names to this photo for you.

Image, found in Whistler's uploads: Old Ironsides · 31 Oct 2008 You

I think, of course, that in self-defense there's nothing wrong with killing an animal, but I agree that we should not just kill them because they COULD attack.

Spotlight: The Heart of a Tiger - Vietnam · 31 Oct 2008 You

The area in the west, south of Brielle and Rotterdam, and north and northwest of Amsterdam has been reclaimed by the sea today.

Image, found in Whistler's uploads: The Seventeen Provinces, 1477 · 29 Oct 2008 You

Jason Dunster was one of thousands of future Americans serving for the cause of freedom.

Image, found in Revolutionary War Service Records: Page 2 · 03 Oct 2008 You

"Bill" Buckingham will be missed.

Spotlight: Death of William W. "Bill" Buckingham · 05 May 2008 You

A distance shot of the bombing of Victoria Fortress -- such a terrible loss of life.

Image, found in Photos - WW II Japanese: 3 · 26 Jun 2007 You

Slanderous language - it is amazing what can get you into trouble with the government.

Image, found in FBI Case Files: Page 2 · 26 Jun 2007 You

This resolution is a good indicator that the whole of the nation was behind rebellion (that is, the whole of those not remaining faithful to Great Britain).

Image, found in American Milestone Documents: Page 1 · 26 Jun 2007 You

This is one of the most important documents, not just in U.S. history, but in world history.

Image, found in American Milestone Documents: Page 1 · 26 Jun 2007 You

This is, in part, a receipt from the state of Delaware acknowledging payment by Mr. Jay, on 23 Oct 1785 ("October last" would put it a year behind the date to the left).

Image, found in Domestic Letters of the Department of State: # Not Given · 26 Jun 2007 You