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Should be Bernardo Monfrino, not Monrino Bernardo (misrepresented in the Directory)

Image, found in City Directories - Pittsburgh: Bernard, Leon (p. 542) · 10 Dec 2012 You

Luigi Riviello, from Potenza, Potenza, Italy. Married to Maria Antonietta Marino of Tursi, Matera, Italy in 1903.

Image, found in WWII "Old Man's Draft" Registration Cards: Page 1 · 03 Jan 2012 You

Edward and Jennie were actually already divorced by 1930. Oldest child is Arietta (Reta). Second Isabel went by Belle. Third Kathleen goes by Kate. Jennie's maiden name is…

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1930: Sheet 41a · 18 Jun 2010 You

Line 10 is Curtis Rebeaux (not Redeaux). He died in November 1931 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1930: Sheet 6A · 26 Mar 2010 You