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Image, found in Final Payment Vouchers Index for Military Pensions, 1818-1864: Page 1 · 15 Oct 2014 You

Payment was in New York, NY, not Albany.

Image, found in Final Payment Vouchers Index for Military Pensions, 1818-1864: Page 1 · 10 Jul 2014 You

Comment on a watched /storypage/

Memorial Page: Arthur James Lord · 07 Oct 2013 You

Jacob Jones Ehrenreich was 52 years old when he immigrated.

Image, found in WWII "Old Man's Draft" Registration Cards: Page 1 · 15 Jul 2013 You

One of the greatest documents in history.

Image, found in American Milestone Documents: Page 1 · 09 May 2013 You

Petitions were sent directly to the president at this point in history.

Image, found in Confederate Amnesty Papers: Page 5 · 28 Mar 2011 You

It's interesting to compare prices from 1899 to prices of 2010.

Image, found in News - The Chicago Tribune: Page 12 · 28 Apr 2010 You

Notes on Peter Hardeman's service in the Civil War.

Image, found in Confederate Soldiers - TX: Page 11 · 21 Apr 2010 You

How sad to see something like this and know some seemed unaffected by what they had done.

Spotlight: Who Can Question the Holocaust? Nuremberg... · 23 Dec 2009 You

This appears to be reference to possessions seized from the French during World War II.

Image, found in Ardelia Hall Collection: Offenbach Administrative Records: Page 6 · 23 Dec 2009 You

If you haven't tried this salsa, it is a must! SO good!

Memorial Page: Fire-roasted salsa recipe · 15 Dec 2009 You

Some may disagree. It appears we may as a nation be far too dependent on the government. Have we forgotten the basic principles of frugal living, saving for the future, and…

Memorial Page: FDR's New Deal for America · 06 May 2009 You

Bob doing what he always did best — bringing laughter to our lives.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 07 Jul 2008 You

He was a great influence and friend to many people, whether LDS or not; the world has lost a great man.

Spotlight: President Gordon B. Hinckley Dies at 97 · 30 Jan 2008 You

Could "Osceola" for Capt. Leonard Smith refer to Mount Osceola, in New Hampshire?

Image, found in City Directories - Misc: Smith Charles H. (p. 87) · 23 Jan 2008 You

I was expecting to see that this was a patent for something completely new, but in fact this was for an improvement on the already existing electric light. How fascinating to see…

Image, found in American Milestone Documents: Page 2 · 28 Sep 2007 You

Nowadays, I don't even think we would go to a movie based on advertisements that didn't consist of clips of the movie itself.

Spotlight: Movie Promotion · 27 Jul 2007 You

This definitely helps give a picture of the way the world was back before the Civil War.

Spotlight: $200.00 Reward · 02 Jul 2007 You

Note the use of the superscripted (raised) "k" in the signature for Mr. Aiken at the bottom of the document, so that "Fredk" is a shortened form of "Frederick," like "Wm" (with…

Image, found in Lincoln Assassination Papers: Page 3 · 09 May 2007 You

I believe the "C.I. Ingersoll" in the upper left of this document may mean "Chief Inspector Ingersoll."

Image, found in Domestic Letters of the Department of State: # Not Given · 09 May 2007 You