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199th,Charlie Co, 2/3, gathered in Holly Ridge, NC 10/22-23/09. Host Capt. James Mc Ginnis (far Lf) Most had not seen each other since tour in 1969. Private Benny Jackson and my…

Spotlight: 199th, Charlie Co, 2/3, 40th Reunion in... · 06 Nov 2009 You

This group also guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in DC

Spotlight: 199th Color Guard from Washington DC · 06 Nov 2009 You

This is a wonderful interactive site for anyone who enjoys history and wants to find out more in a tech friendly site. How I wish this had been available when I was in high…

Spotlight: Sister's Book and Letter Placed at the... · 16 Apr 2009 You

This musuem is a tribute to all Iowa Veterans who sacrified their lives in wars our country has fought since the Civil War. It is inspiring and educational and is a great way for…

Memorial Page: Sullivan Brother's Iowa Veterans Museum · 30 Jan 2009 You

My brother Sp4 Stanley D. Ross will have been gone 40 years this coming Oct, 2009. He was a brave soldier, a loving brother, devoted son, loyal friend. We miss him as much today…

Image, found in Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Vietnam Wall · 01 Jan 2009 You

I love this site! What a valuble tool for anyone who loves history and wants to share their artifacs with others. A wonderful way to explore "Primary Source" material.

Spotlight: My brother · 04 Apr 2008 You