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Starlady637 is correct. The CWO 5 grade was not created (for all services) until 1992. A close look at the photo reveals sleeve insignia of a CWO 4.

Image, found in HCManson's uploads: Perry W. Gines, CWO5, USCG · 24 Apr 2011 You

Most likely the vendor was Boykin Witherspoon, owner of Buena Vista Plantation in De Soto Parish due south of Shreveport.

Image, found in Confederate Citizens File: Page 3 · 08 Jan 2011 You

Freddie Meeks was one of 50 African American sailors tried for mutiny in the aftermath of the Port Chicago disaster in 1944. More than 300 sailors, mostly black, died at Port…

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1930: Sheet 14a · 15 May 2010 You

This individual is William "Billey" Sanford. He appears in the censuses of Milam County, Texas, in the following years: 1880; Roll: T9_1319; Family History Film: 1255319; Page:…

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: Sanford, Belley · 02 Jan 2008 You

This individual is Reuben Henry Sanford, born 2 April 1832 in Williamson County, Tennessee; died 30 June 1910, Milam County, Texas. He moved to Texas with his mother and siblings…

Image, found in Confederate Soldiers - TX: Page 1 · 02 Jan 2008 You

Place is mistakenly given as "Rockfort." It should be "Rockport."

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: Martin, Isaac · 06 Sep 2007 You