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IMAGE: View of the USS Washington in the Puget Sound Navy Yard, shortly after the damage from the collision with the USS Indiana was repaired. Box: 19LCM, BB-55 to BB-56; Folder:…

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IMAGE: From the personal collection of Pat Richley-Erickson, niece. Jack Player is my father's brother.

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This is the last residence listed for my Union Civil War vet, Tolbert Higgins who died in Salina, Saline, Kansas on 12 Oct 1928. He was buried in Cedar Cemetery, Cedar, Smith,…

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This is my maternal 2nd great grandfather, Talbert (sometimes Tolbert) Higgins who married Amelia Warren in 1865 probably in Salina, Kansas.

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Higgins, Talbert · 04 Jul 2008 You

This is one of my maternal 2nd great grandfathers. Although this says "deserted" he did not. After a thorough review of his entire pension file, my eligability for Daughters of…

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This was scanned incorrectly or something, because it it fuzzy.

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When I click on your document to see it in full context, I do not see "Sugar Station" on it at all. Southern Utah had sugar beets, so it could be any place where the items were…

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Paul Froman and Jacob Froman are my 5th and 4th great-grandfathers. My mother communicated with author of this letter Mrs. HC Grooms in 1951 via letters where Mrs. Grooms shared…

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This is my great-grandfather William Gist Froman b 26 Mar 1839 Clinton Co, MO , married 20 June 1897 Louisa Mae Higginsin Edgerton, Platte, MO, died 1 Feb 1917 Leavenworth, KA.T

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If anyone can locate Paul Froman's signature on this document sent by inhabitants of Illinois and Kentucky to the Continential Congress, I would appreciate it. He is my 5th great…

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County of Berks 1784 Column headings are (left to right) Last, first name....acres, horses, cattle, sheep

Spotlight: Weisers in Berks County, Pennsylvania 1784 · 21 Sep 2007 You