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William B Bates had enlisted earlier in the 7th IL Inf Co H from Logan Co, IL. He enlisted at Mound City, IL, but only served 3 months. He was discharged at Cape Girardeau, MO…

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Bates, William B. · 19 Jul 2015 by cnholmes

this is Michael Ancel/Ansel Mossholder, not Mitchell that is a transcription error. Michael is often misspelled Mikel A. Mossholder in his military records. Michael was known…

Image, found in Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914: Page 99 · 19 Jul 2015 by familystoneturner

Battle flag of the 1st Missouri Cavalry (CS), also of the Missouri Brigade. The 1st Missouri Cavalry was organized on December 30, 1861 and Elijah Gates was elected its Colonel.…

Image, found in batchap67's uploads: Flag_1st_Regiment_Cavalry_dismounted_Misso... · 18 Jul 2015 by batchap67

William B. Arven, Age 45, Male, Profession Lawyer, Born NH Mrs. Valeria Arven, Age 32, Female, Born NY Lionel Arven, Age 2, Male Born O Clarence Arven, Age 9/12, Male, Born O

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 71 · 18 Jul 2015 by univers

Typo on DOB: His DOB is 15 Nov 1895. Age on this card is correct for DOB 1895, would be incorrect for DOB 1885.

Image, found in WWII "Old Man's Draft" Registration Cards: Page 1 · 18 Jul 2015 by jlundholm168

Probably Lorenzo D. Christian

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - MS: Page 22 · 17 Jul 2015 by judibaumgarner

John Schenck 1740 -- husband of Marie Denise -- ie. note mention of son DeLafayette Schenck

Spotlight: John Schenck 1740 (Marie Denise) · 17 Jul 2015 by rossjennifer721

Except for the photo of my dad in full uniform (upper-left corner, these photos seem to have all been taken during his time in Europe (circa 1943-1945). One photo, shows him photo…

Image, found in jonathanlevey's uploads: Harris Levey_WWll Montage photos1.jpeg · 16 Jul 2015 by jonathanlevey

This is actually for serving in the Texas Rangers in 1850. I see he received his bounty land because of the 1837 Bounty Land Act., but he was not old enough nor did he serve in…

Image, found in War of 1812 Pension Files: Page 2 · 16 Jul 2015 by franbird

it is Clersie not Elersie. mistake on fold3

Memorial Page: Elersie Rooker · 15 Jul 2015 by mnorman1224

Name #9 -- [illegible] Nickens should be Mat Nicken. The first letter of the second name on that line looks like the first letter of second name on line #11, Martin.

Image, found in Numbered Record Books: Page 72 · 15 Jul 2015 by karensgr1754

Muster Roll, Maryland, for Sept. 78 Col. Stone, St Bruce

Image, found in Revolutionary War Rolls: Page 56 · 15 Jul 2015 by blehman54037

My grandmother never ever ate ice cream so I once asked her why. She explained that my dad, who had joined the Navy in WWII, returned home when the war was over and insisted that…

Spotlight: Eating ice cream at a Christmas party for... · 15 Jul 2015 by missdmitchell59

Isidore Converse as listed in this 1860 census is NOT female--he is male.

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 276 · 15 Jul 2015 by gweddington096


Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 239 · 15 Jul 2015 by patootie63

I love this picture! My uncle was in Sicily in 1943, and I sure hope he got to enjoy similar treats. He went on to Italy and was killed near Anzio in March of 1944.

Spotlight: Paratroopers enjoying ice cream in Sicily.... · 15 Jul 2015 by angelcollector1819


Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 14 Jul 2015 by patootie63

This is a cross reference card which is very much an official record in this series indicating an alternate spelling for the soldier's last name.

Image, found in War of 1812 Pension Files: Page 1 · 14 Jul 2015 by microfilm

Most likely C-47A 42-23430. Baugher website states 42-23430 to China Jun 6, 1943.

Image, found in Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII: Page 4 · 14 Jul 2015 by rvargast17

look here

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 14 Jul 2015 by charlese87328