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I was born in the year Buddy died. I only know him as "the boy with the black glasses".

Spotlight: the glasses of Buddy · 22 Jun 2011 You

By mistake: Sint Walpurgis. Correct spelling is: Sint Walburgiskerk

Image, found in Roberts Commission - Protection of Historical Monuments: Page 71 · 31 May 2011 You

Fran├žois Adriaan van der Kemp or Francis Adrian Vanderkemp (Kampen, 4 May 1752 - Barneveld, New York, 1829) was one of the Dutch radical leaders of the Patriots, a minister and…

Image, found in George Washington Correspondence: Page 126 · 30 May 2011 You

mooi instrument om zo voorouders te vinden

Image, found in Revolutionary War Rolls: Page 175 · 20 Mar 2011 You

salem witch trials

Spotlight: Rebbecca Nurse · 11 Mar 2011 You

I am searching for the descendants of my grandfather's brother, Alexander Vanderweyden. Born 16-11-1902 in Dubbeldam, Netherlands. Married 24-02-1926 Wilhelmina Johanna Haas. He…

Spotlight: Jacob van der Weijden · 19 Feb 2011 You

hierbij een reactie over een spotlight

Spotlight: Departement van Waterstaat · 24 Jan 2011 You

Kolonisten liepen liever langs de huifkar omdat deze oncomfortabel waren

Spotlight: kolonist · 09 Jan 2011 You

I believe that the subject should be rather Batavia then Djakarta, as Ja(ya)karta existed only before 1600 and after 1942.

Image, found in Domestic Letters of the Department of State: Page 264 · 03 Jan 2011 You

Interesting to see all the crosses, indicating the Creek delegates are not able to write.

Image, found in Ratified Indian Treaties: Page 5 · 03 Jan 2011 You

As a child I was fond of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand!!

Spotlight: winnetou · 15 Oct 2010 You

See report in - Inventaris van het archief van het College van Overleg voor de Voedselvoorziening, (1941) 1942-1949 nr 22-23 Het archief bevat stukken over de…

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I assume this is a photograph taken in a museum and no archive document: Bonnie and Clyde have turned into rather stiff and pale puppets. As is they've emptied the gun on their…

Image, found in 23archiefdingen's uploads: bonnie_clyde_deathcar.jpg · 21 Jun 2010 You

As a women for me the word indepedent feels very important. I can imagine how that felt for the American people!

Spotlight: Declaration · 17 May 2010 You

The first page of the filmstrip states (in typewriting) that the documents concerning the taking of the brig Jospeh by the schooner Eagle date from 1876-1877. From the subsequent…

Image, found in Revolutionary War Prize Cases - Captured Vessels: Page 3 · 15 Feb 2010 You

untill 1797 a city of the province of Holland; since a city under Brabant

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The places meant here are Den Dungen, Schijndel and Sint-Michielsgestel in the province of North-Brabant. The Afwateringskanaal is maybe het Drongels Kanaal

Image, found in WWII Foreign Military Studies, 1945-54: Page 20 · 09 Nov 2009 You

Westerbork ('Durchgangslager Westerbork' in German) was not an official concentration camp, but a transit camp. Its function was to assemble Roma and Dutch Jews for transport to…

Memorial Page: Westerbork Concentration Camp · 31 Oct 2009 You

Kaarlammaneer is not a Dutch placename. The person who typed this document must have misheard the placename. Maybe it was Haarlemmermeer, an aerea in de Dutch province of…

Image, found in Naturalizations - MA: Petition for Naturalization · 25 Oct 2009 You

Bijdrage van A. den Doolaard aan aNti-schUnd

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