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One might think thus from the use of the plural "lakes" but this is not referring to the Great Lakes but, rather, Lake Champlain. This culminates in the Battle of Valcour Island.

Spotlight: Congress hires carpenters "to build... · 10 Dec 2009 You

Lots of the soldier's day-to-day activities in this journal.

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 63 · 19 Apr 2009 You

Not an uncommon problem nation-wide. The soldier has to prove a given number of months service but the appropriate rolls that would offer such evidence are not available. Written…

Spotlight: Unreported Revolutionary War Service... · 19 Jul 2008 You

There is value in everything. The oath written and signed on the back could, for example, be important to anyone researching army practices or to someone interested in the…

Image, found in Revolutionary War Rolls: Page 4 · 25 Jun 2008 You

The illustration does not appear to be one of the ship "Monitor" nor any of that class. Rather, it appears to be one of the "Milwaukee" class ironclads. It has two turrets while…

Image, found in Brady Civil War Photos: B-40 Deck of Monitor on James River, VA.... · 05 Apr 2008 You

Look at the "g"s in the document--tops are all closed--Vosbur"y" appears twice--may still mean Vosbur"g"--may have been heard or copied incorrectly. I see he's serving as…

Spotlight: Is this Vosbury or Vosburg? · 09 Mar 2008 You

The left half looks like, "Boston Jany 3d 1789." The right half looks like, "Payment recd by Colo Ga(?) (?)." The page appears to be the back of page 9 of this file. In fact, the…

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 10 · 12 Jan 2008 You