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Page 13

William Lawson, II son of William Lawson & Rebecca. Married Nancy Baker

Source: Revolutionary War Pensions » Page 13

Made 21 Jun 2014

Jolissaint, Alphonse B


Source: Texas Death Certificates » Jolissaint, Alphonse B

Made 18 Dec 2013

Cash, George W


Source: Texas Death Certificates » Cash, George W

Made 07 Aug 2011

Page 1

Died of TB , 30 Jun 1926, Beaumont, Jefferson co., TX

Source: Texas Birth Certificates » Page 1

Made 16 Mar 2011

Page 11

75 years of age

Source: Revolutionary War Pensions » Page 11

Made 01 Jul 2009

Bessie Agnes Rhodes 1904

2nd Child. First, Mildred Ethel, b. 1902, d. 1903, Ark.

Source: TexasHistoryHunter's gallery » Bessie Agnes Rhodes 1904

Made 29 Sep 2007

bills birth cert1957a.jpg

This is the INCORRECT copy. Compare "Mother" with the dark and correct copy. ~~ Note that both are Certified!

Source: TexasHistoryHunter's gallery » bills birth cert1957a.jpg

Made 29 Sep 2007

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