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Page 26

Employed as Ward Master; Hill Hospital

Source: Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - AR » Page 26

Made 30 Nov 2014

Page 7

Correct spelling is Marlie

Source: Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII » Page 7

Made 04 Jan 2014

[Gen. Info] (p. 597)

List of Abbreviations

Source: City Directories - Detroit » [Gen. Info] (p. 597)

Made 11 Dec 2010

[Gen. Info] (p. 74)

Detroit has a Masonic Lodge - the Palestine - the largest in the world - with 3,500 members.

Source: City Directories - Detroit » [Gen. Info] (p. 74)

Made 11 Dec 2010

Montgomery, Sadie (p. 1666)

Supvr, Kroger Groc & Bkg Co

Source: City Directories - Detroit » Montgomery, Sadie (p. 1666)

Made 11 Dec 2010

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