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Dennis, John Earl

Typhoid Fever with Perforation of Bowels

Source: Texas Death Certificates » Dennis, John Earl

Made 10 Apr 2009

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Jess Willard retained the heavyweight title until July 4, 1919 when he was defeated by Jack Dempsey.

Source: News - The Chicago Tribune » Page 1

Made 30 Dec 2008


Frank, servant to John Hancock Esq. lies interr'd here who died 23 Jan 1771

Source: darrin's gallery » IMG_3226.JPG

Made 10 Oct 2008

Victims of the Boston Massacre

Victims of the Boston Massacre, March 5th, 1770

Source: darrin's gallery » Victims of the Boston Massacre

Made 10 Oct 2008

Wainright, Lucius G.

Lucius G. Wainright died in the Andersonville, SC prison camp in 1863, after being captured at the battle of Chickamauga.

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Wainright, Lucius G.

Made 05 Mar 2007

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