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Source: llighthse's gallery » Ballinger.jpg

Made 16 Mar 2015

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Source: Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - VA » Page 1

Made 01 Jul 2013


Brittanny Marie HANDIBOE, on visit from college in MA, to her Grandparents home in AA CO., MD.

Source: llighthse's gallery » IMG_0851.JPG

Made 08 Aug 2012


Johney & dau, Brittanny Marie HANDIBOE. Washington DC, July 2012.

Source: llighthse's gallery » Johney-n-Brittanny-HANDIBOE-dc.jpg

Made 08 Aug 2012


Blake Christopher LEWIS, 1950 Washington-DC, where he was born.

Source: llighthse's gallery » Blake-Christopher-Lewis-Winter-1950-Washin...

Made 22 Jun 2012


Marie L. ELFERS-LEWIS' address in 1950

Source: llighthse's gallery » 1950-my-mths-writing-clifton-st-dc-add.jpg

Made 22 Jun 2012

Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR b. 01/1900, DC

The picture was taken on the ship the "BULLDOZER" , abt 1947. Probably in VA/DC/MD area.

Source: llighthse's gallery » Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR b....

Made 26 Feb 2012


Blake Christopher LEWIS, age 1, in Washington DC, where he was born and lived at the time.

Source: llighthse's gallery » scan0001.jpg

Made 19 Dec 2010

9-16-10-19th-WV-vac-HANDIBOE 090.JPG

Laurie Lynn MCCLOSKEY-HANDIBOE, and her Aunt Pat at John's Family Rest., Rippon, WV. Sept., 2010

Source: llighthse's gallery » 9-16-10-19th-WV-vac-HANDIBOE 090.JPG

Made 17 Oct 2010


This is a rare tin of Dr. MUDD, sent to me via email and with permission to use.

Source: llighthse's gallery » Dr-MUDD-donated-by-yvonne-elaine-atverizon...

Made 06 Sep 2010


This is a rare copy of a "Tin" sent to me by a yvonne Elaine, who does civil war research and says NOT A RELATIVE.

Source: llighthse's gallery » Dr-MUDD-donated-by-yvonne-elaine-atverizon...

Made 06 Sep 2010


This is William Roy HANDIBOE, sitting next to Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR and then her sister Susie L. LARMAN-BISSETT-CLARK or CLARKE, at Margaret's...

Source: llighthse's gallery » Susie-L-Karman-Clarke-Margaret-Lawlor-Bill...

Made 15 Aug 2010

June-26-7-10-Martinsburg-n-other-WV 027.JPG

Myself, L. M. HANDIBOE, at a flea market, near Harper's Ferry WV, June 2010

Source: llighthse's gallery » June-26-7-10-Martinsburg-n-other-WV 027.JPG

Made 29 Jul 2010



Source: llighthse's gallery » Susie-LARMAN-BISSETT-CLARKE-1969-md.jpg

Made 29 May 2010


This is Ella Grace BALLENGER, one of the daughter's of Ella G. Jack & George W. BALLENGER, pic-owned by M. WESCOTT-sent to me can use here.

Source: llighthse's gallery » Ella-Grace-Ballenger--dau-of-Ella-n-George...

Made 24 Mar 2010



Source: llighthse's gallery » n533945961_1391504_9497.jpg

Made 18 Feb 2010

Page 6

John H. (HENRY) LEWIS, wrote a book about this war called "Recollections from 1860 to 1865" a great source of info-can be found at

Source: Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - VA » Page 6

Made 07 Oct 2009

Page 6

EMMERSON'S of Portsmouth, the writing isn't real clear.

Source: Confederate Citizens File » Page 6

Made 19 Sep 2009


Mary & Hariett EMMERSON, daughters of a Robert EMMERSON, taken by James LITTLE, artist & photographer FROM Peterborough,Ont. sent to me by a...

Source: llighthse's gallery » EMMERSON-mary-n-Harriet.jpg

Made 19 Sep 2009

Page 25

Lt., Col., Meriweather LEWIS, was the son of Warner LEWIS of Virginia (Warner, mar 3 times). Meriweather LEWIS, married a Julia Ann SAUNDERS, at her...

Source: Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - VA » Page 25

Made 22 Aug 2009

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