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O'Rourke, James J (p. 1873)

Owen ORourke

Source: City Directories - Chicago » O'Rourke, James J (p. 1873)

Made 09 Nov 2013

Lee, Charles F (p. 313)

Thomas Lehaney

Source: City Directories - Toledo » Lee, Charles F (p. 313)

Made 09 Nov 2013

Post Office (p. 16)

John B Cassaubon

Source: City Directories - Toledo » Post Office (p. 16)

Made 09 Nov 2013

Casey, Susan (p. 175)

John B Cassaubon

Source: City Directories - Baltimore » Casey, Susan (p. 175)

Made 09 Nov 2013

Emerick, Jno (p. 389)

George C Emery 1919

Source: City Directories - Toledo » Emerick, Jno (p. 389)

Made 15 Aug 2010

Levy Lionel (p. 1529)

O'Rourke D J

Source: City Directories - Toledo » Levy Lionel (p. 1529)

Made 03 Jul 2010

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