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Veit, Frank B (p. 1106)

Verderber, Gottfried

Source: City Directories - Toledo » Veit, Frank B (p. 1106)

Made 24 May 2013

Likins, Silvester

Likins, Silvester

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Likins, Silvester

Made 01 Mar 2013

Page 1

Joseph Franko

Source: WWII "Old Man's Draft" Registration Cards » Page 1

Made 18 Sep 2012

[Gen. Info] (p. 48)

Mrs. Fannie C. Goose

Source: City Directories - Louisville » [Gen. Info] (p. 48)

Made 19 Aug 2011

Goodman, T A (p. 325)

Goose, Harry N.

Source: City Directories - Louisville » Goodman, T A (p. 325)

Made 10 Aug 2011

Hush, William J.

The correct name should be William J. HUSK not Hush. The Adjutant General's Report for Roll of Company "B" Eighth Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry list...

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Hush, William J.

Made 15 Jun 2009

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