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Jacob Heaton

Source: Letters Received by the Adjutant General, 1861-1870 » Page 1

Made 31 Dec 2012

Richmond, Thomas J.

His father, Thomas Richmond (1823-1907) served in Company A of the 68th OVI (Oct 1861-Mar 1863), and reenlisted in Company A, 125th OVI (Apr 1864-Sep 1865)....

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Richmond, Thomas J.

Made 08 Nov 2011

Crowell, William H.

According to his death certificate he died of uremia (nephritis) on 7 April 1922. Mr. Wm. Henry Crowell, Ohio Death Certificate, Trumbull Co., File #2327,...

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Crowell, William H.

Made 04 Nov 2011

Callahan, Albert

Feb 17, 1910 is probably the date the pension office received his death notice. His death certificate gives the date of death as 14 July 1909 (Albert...

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Callahan, Albert

Made 28 Feb 2010

Baker, Sylvanus

1910 is incorrect for his death; the Ohio death certificate for Sylvanus Baker, Mahoning Co., File No. 57856, gives date of death as Nov 25, 1909. Buried two...

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Baker, Sylvanus

Made 20 Feb 2010

Thoman, Irvin

Thoman, Irvin. According to his pension file he died on 31 Jul 1909. The South Dakota Death Index (1905-1955) gives the same date.

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Thoman, Irvin

Made 26 Oct 2009

Moore, David H.

The pension card imaged by states that he died in Shanghai, China, which is in error. He did go to China for four years (David Hastings Moore,...

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Moore, David H.

Made 30 Jun 2009

Danville, John C.

Danville, John C. should be Darville, John C. He is buried in California.

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Danville, John C.

Made 04 Nov 2008

Ogden, George P.

Ogden, George P.

Source: Civil War Pensions Index » Ogden, George P.

Made 25 Apr 2007

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