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Hester T Drayton - Seller

Bill of Sale, William Scott to Joseph Dulles for Slave Elijah

36 slaves sold to Maurice Simons & Benjamin Young

Bristol - slave

Dr. John Drayton Contract for Services to CSA

Source Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - Officers

Created 01 Feb 2011 - 220 views

Dr. John Drayton Confederate Service Record, 1863

Source Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - Officers

Created 01 Feb 2011 - 242 views

Katey Lee - Buyer

Rebecca Drayton - Buyer

Nation or Country where slave was from

African Nation of Origin

Slaves at Cowpen

T.H.M. Drayton Purchase of Billy, Enslaved, 1860

Abraham Sasportas

Sale of Estate of W.W. Seymour, Free African American, 1863

Large sale of slaves to Nathaniel Heyward Jr

Estate Inventory of Carlos Huger, Free African American, Charleston, SC, 1852

Sale of Slaves in Estate of Isaac Ball, 1845

William Henry Drayton - Seller

About 100 slaves sold to John Gordon

41 Slaves sold by Daniel Ravenel

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