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Henry Grimke - Seller

Sale of slave, Silla, to be rescinded

Jim Jamison - slave with a surname

Slave with a surname

Whitehall Plantation

A J McElveen - witness

Margaret Douglass - free woman of color

A J McElveen

John Morris - free man of color

Mary M Drayton - Buyer

Slave girls with birth dates

William McKinlay - free man of color

Saml Garner - free person of color

Sims Lequeux Purchase of 19 Slaves from James Gregorie, 1830

Solomon Clark Purchase of 58 Slaves from Lequeux, 1834

Solomon Clarke Purchase of 17 Slaves from Benjamin Lequeux, 1844

Solomon Clarke Purchase of Nancy and Child Violet from Wm. H. Holleyman, 1844

Solomon Clarke Purchase of 5 Slaves from Estate of R D McKelvey, 1844

Solomon Clarke Purchase of Slave Rachel

Solomon Clarke Purchase of Slave Philip, 1841

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