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Final Statement of Charles Drayton, Troop C Cavalry

Source Final Statements, 1862-1899

Created 19 Aug 2011 - 435 views

Thomas S Grimke - administrator

Estate Inventory of Joseph Fox, 1736

Estate Inventory of Margrett Fox

Estate Inventory of Stephen Drayton, 1733

Henrietta A Drayton - seller

Charles Drayton - seller

Richard Drayton, Born in Charleston, SC

Juliette Louisa McCormick - set free

Hector Drayton

Day and Night Spy Glasses

Henry Middleton - seller

Signature of William Seabrook, Company H 21st USCT

William Seabrook, Company H 21st USCT

Thomas Seabrook, Company B 21st USCT

Samuel Seabrook, Company D 21st USCT

Prince Seabrook, Company C 21st USCT

Peter Seabrook, Company C 21st USCT

Ned Seabrook, Volunteer Enlistment REcord, Company K 21st USCT

Ned Seabrook, Company K 21st USCT

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