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Gliders - D Day

Source WWII US Air Force Photos

by charlese87328 01 Nov 2014 - 84 views

James Powell

Source Army Registers, 1798-1969

by waushistory 30 Oct 2014 - 70 views

Central Plaza

Source uploaded by jwalgren

by jwalgren 30 Oct 2014 - 85 views

727th Amph Trac Bn

Source WWII War Diaries

by terrysorenson 29 Oct 2014 - 83 views

Summary of American reaction to the Trent Affair (from the London Times)

Source London Times

by karenll75 29 Oct 2014 - 661 views

Excerpt from an editorial in the London Times about the Trent Affair

Source London Times

by karenll75 29 Oct 2014 - 187 views

British troops to sail to Canada in case of war

Source London Times

by karenll75 29 Oct 2014 - 235 views

Mason and Slidell resume their journey to Europe

British gov't accepts US reparations for Trent Affair

US gov't agrees to release Mason and Slidell

British minister to US conveys Russell's dispatch to Seward

Congress offers its thanks to Wilkes

Excerpt from British gov't instructing admiralty how to prepare for possibile hostilities with US

American representative to Britain doesn't know if capture of Trent was sactioned by US gov't or not

British want freedom of Mason and Slidell and an apology from the US

Implied threat of war in dispatch between British and US governments over Trent Affair

Letter of congratulations from the Sec. of the Navy to Captain Wilkes

Wilkes explains why he didn't seize the Trent

Wilkes explains why he didn't capture the Trent

Wilkes plans to capture Mason and Slidell

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