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There were millions of "white slaves" in early AMERICA, -why we're NOT allowed to remember it/care

The HIDDEN and obvious TRUTH about SLAVERY in America-that lined the pockets of their enslavers and why people of today in America agree to INGORE it the profits were so great for the people who live well NOW and who are of ALL COLORS, Not everyone profited and not everyone is so cowardly they want it ignored FOREVER. Please read a book by Michael Hoffman II, which tells of what I lalready KNEW. Thanks America, when they are forgotten you grew to great wealth.

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  1. llighthse

    llighthse (24 Jan 2014)

    If your "WHITE" and while doing your ancestry in Ameica or England or Australia, & West Indies, etc., and see the words re: WHITES- orphan, HOUSES OF CHARITY FOR CHILDREN" workhouseS for men, you might wonder why they died so young or lived mangled.
  2. llighthse

    llighthse (24 Jan 2014)

    Some people bother to investigate the TRUTH instead of the American traditional statments regarding WHITES, maybe you will be among them.

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