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  • Added a fact to James W Tolbert Page.

    Tail B-17F 42-

    Fact: Service Information › Tail Gunner › B-17F 42-30389, "DEAR MOM" 94BG/331BS, MIA 17-Aug-43, Schweinfurt mission.

    21 Jan 2014

  • Added a fact to James W Tolbert Page.

    Rank Staff Ser

    Fact: Service Information › Rank › Staff Sergeant

    21 Jan 2014

  • Updated a fact to James W Tolbert Page.

    POW Stalag 17

    Fact: Service Information › POW › Stalag 17B, Braunau-Gneikendorf, Austria, RMC 2-Jul-45.

    21 Jan 2014

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