Recent Memorial Page Contributions by katherinecking

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  • Added an image to Warner E Haynes Jr Page.

    Image: Warner Edwin Haynes Jr. on bus to fort rucker.1943.jpg

    22 Jun 2014

  • Added a link to Warner E Haynes Jr Page.

    Link: Find A Grave

    22 Jun 2014

  • Updated Truman Baker Fold3 Topic Page.

    Truman Baker, born in Jefferson Co., NY; married Bridget Cullen 1849 Jefferson Co., NY; moved to Lyndon, Sheboygan County, WI, about 1853-54; died after Battle of Cold…

    17 Oct 2008

  • Added an image to Truman Baker Page.

    Image: Baker, Truman

    09 May 2008

  • Updated a story to Truman Baker Page.

    Story: Civil War Pension

    21 Jan 2009

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