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  • John William Chamberlain

    Eldest son of Thos. North Chamberlain and Cordelia J. Watson, of Cayuga Co., NY. On 3 Jan. 1894, he married Martha A. Drake. The couple had six children:…

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 83 views

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  • Elizabeth Cowan Sample

    Daughter of Joseph Cowan and Mary Scott. In 1781, Elizabeth married Rev. Nathaniel W. Sample. She was the mother of nine children. The Samples lived in…

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 79 views

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  • Rev. Nathaniel Welsher (N. W.) Sample

    Son of Cunningham Sample, Esq. (1723-1803) and Agnes Welsher (1730-1783), of York Co., PA. Husband of Elizabeth Cowan (1761-1818). The Samples had nine…

    by chambln

    Updated 03 Aug 2013 - 246 views

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  • Rev. Felix Earnest

    Son of Henry Earnest and Mary Stephens. Felix fought in the Revolution, having served under Col. John Sevier. He distinguished himself in the battles of…

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 299 views

  • Sarah (Sally) Oliphant Earnest

    Daughter of John A. Oliphant and Hannah Amos, of Greene Co., TN. On 14 May 1808, Sally became the second wife of Felix Earnest, a Revolutionary War hero.

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 71 views

  • Sarah Higgins Stout Oliphant

    Daughter of Freegift Stout and Mary Higgins, and the wife of Ephraim Oliphant. Sarah and Ephraim were the parents of nine children: Obadiah; Benjamin;…

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 67 views

  • Jane Barton Barton

    Daughter of Rev. Isaac Barton and Keziah Murphy. In 1798, Jane married cousin Isaac Barton, the son of David Barton, Sr., and Hannah Hill. According to…

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 151 views

  • Isaac Barton

    Son of David Barton, Sr., and Hannah Hill. Husband of Jane Barton, the daughter of Rev. Isaac Barton and Keziah Murphy. Isaac and Jane were the parents of…

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 128 views

  • Isaac Barton, Jr.

    Son of Rev. Isaac Barton and Keziah Murphy Barton. Like his brothers, he moved to MO. In 1822, he was appointed the first clerk of the U.S. District Court…

    by chambln

    Created 03 Aug 2013 - 141 views

  • Joshua Barton, Sr.

    Joshua Barton, Sr. (1718-1779), born in Chester Co., PA, was the son of the Irish Quaker Isaac Barton (c1680-1721), a cutler by trade, and his wife Sarah…

    by chambln

    Updated 02 Aug 2013 - 510 views

  • Susannah Griffith Barton

    Daughter of George Griffith and Margaret Unknown. Widow of Richard Dodd, with whom she had two sons: John and Wm. After Richard's death, Susannah married…

    by chambln

    Created 02 Aug 2013 - 108 views

  • Jane Dubart Barton

    Daughter of David Dubart and wife. About 1741, Jane married Joshua Barton, Sr., in Frederick Co., MD. She and her husband were the parents of eight…

    by chambln

    Created 02 Aug 2013 - 321 views

  • Sarah Vesey Barton

    Daughter of Tobias Vesey and Ann Unknown. Wife of Isaac Barton, Sr., whom she wed in 1705. The Bartons arrived in the American colonies in 1714, settling…

    by chambln

    Created 02 Aug 2013 - 168 views

  • Isaac Barton, Sr.

    Son of Christopher Barton and his wife, Dorothy Unknown, of Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland. Isaac, a cutler by trade, was a Quaker. He and Dorothy were…

    by chambln

    Created 02 Aug 2013 - 275 views

  • Harriet Nancy Dodge Rippey

    Wife of Hamilton Rippey.

    by chambln

    Updated 02 Aug 2013 - 165 views

  • Willie L. Eaton

    Daughter of James Robert Eaton and Mary Emily Cox, of Ladonia, Fannin Co., TX.

    by chambln

    Updated 01 Aug 2013 - 133 views

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  • Mary Isabelle Rodgers Acree

    Daughter of Harry Alexander Rodgers, Sr., and Olive Craig and the wife of Fred Acree, Jr. Mary and Fred were the parents of three children: Mary Kathryn;…

    by chambln

    Updated 30 Jul 2013 - 273 views

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  • Harry Alexander Rodgers, Jr.

    Son of Harry Alexander Rodgers, Sr. (1876-1914) of San Francisco, CA, and Olive Craig Rodgers (1879-1955) of Paris, TX. Harry, Jr., married Jeanne…

    by chambln

    Updated 29 Jul 2013 - 84 views

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  • William G. (Willie) McCann

    Son of John J. McCann and Juliet Lenora Chamberlain, of Nashville, TN. Flour mill worker. On 6 Oct. 1886, he sustained an injury to his foot at the mill…

    by chambln

    Updated 27 Jul 2013 - 189 views

  • Cora Dell Morris Beatty

    Wife of Mathew Edwin Beatty, Sr., of Portland, OR. Mother of Benjamin Earl Beatty and Mathew Edwin Beatty, Jr.

    by chambln

    Updated 26 Jul 2013 - 214 views

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