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  • James Sterling, Jr.

    Son of Jas. Sterling, Sr., and Jennet Chamberlain. Jas., Jr., married Catherine Elizabeth Chamberlain, the daughter of Thompson Chamberlain and Mary West…

    by chambln

    Created 14 May 2013 - 89 views

  • Mercy Cordelia (Cordelia) Chamberlain Bodine

    Daughter of Samuel Chamberlain (1788-1865) and Mercy Cotton (1792-1880), of Cayuga Co., NY. In 1848, she married Abram G. Bodine in Huron Co., OH.…

    by chambln

    Created 14 May 2013 - 122 views

  • Abram G. Bodine

    Son of Peter Bodine (1784-1844) and Susan Ervin (1793-1868). Married Mercy Cordelia Chamberlain in Huron Co., OH, on 30 Nov. 1848. Father of Ada O., Frank…

    by chambln

    Created 14 May 2013 - 191 views

  • Russell H. Horn

    Son of Arthur C. Horn and Maude Effie Benson, of Coshocton Co., OH. He married Luella Iris Cullison in 1919.

    by chambln

    Created 14 May 2013 - 133 views

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  • Ethel Estelle (Estelle) Chamberlain Barr

    Daughter of Francis M. Chamberlain and Mary E. Hughes, who moved from Washington Co., PA, to Butler Co., NE, and later to Cowley Co., KS. Estelle…

    by chambln

    Created 13 May 2013 - 111 views

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  • Jacob Riggle

    Son of Abraham Riggle and Catherine Reed, of Washington Co., PA. Jacob first married Nancy Chamberlin, the daughter of Maj. Arthur Chamberlin and Rosanna…

    by chambln

    Updated 13 May 2013 - 51 views

  • Eliza Horn

    Daughter of Daniel Horn and Mary Magdalena Chamberlain. On 3 Oct. 1835, she wed Arthur Chamberlin, Jr., of Washington Co., PA. Eliza, husband Arthur, and…

    by chambln

    Created 12 May 2013 - 85 views

  • Arthur Chamberlin, Jr.

    Second son of Maj. Arthur Chamberlin and Rosanna Slaught, of Washington Co., PA. In 1835, Arthur, Jr., married Eliza Horn, the daughter of Daniel Horn and…

    by chambln

    Created 12 May 2013 - 57 views

  • Francis Marion Chamberlain

    Son of Cephas Chamberlain and his first wife, Eliza Jane Unknown, of Washington Co., PA. F. M. Chamberlain married Mary E. Hughes, of Greene Co., in 1871…

    by chambln

    Created 12 May 2013 - 191 views

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  • Ira Lyman Chamberlain

    Third son of Cephas Chamberlain and Mary Ann Slusher, of Washington Co., PA. Husband of Josephine Crawford. Father of Allena.

    by chambln

    Created 12 May 2013 - 40 views

  • John Adam Crain (J. A. C.) Jones, Sr.

    John A. C. Jones married Martha W. Fretwell in GA around 1813; they later lived in Talladega Co., AL, and Panola Co., TX. They were the parents of at…

    by chambln

    Updated 12 May 2013 - 176 views

  • Martha W. Fretwell Jones

    Daughter of James Fretwell and Lucy Harris. Martha married John A. C. Jones in GA circa 1813.

    by chambln

    Created 11 May 2013 - 151 views

  • Alexander Jeremiah (A. J., Alex) Chamberlain

    Second son of Dr. Daniel C. Chamberlain and Mary Garrett. In 1853, he married Frances Ann M. Boyer in Russellville, Logan Co., KY. Alex and Frances were…

    by chambln

    Updated 11 May 2013 - 202 views

    Contributions 1 image

  • Margaret Jane Chamberlain Weaver

    Daughter of Dr. Daniel C. Chamberlain and Mary Garrett, of TN. In 1845, Margaret married Dr. John Barnett Weaver, of Buncombe Co., NC.

    by chambln

    Created 11 May 2013 - 69 views

  • Dr. John Barnett Weaver

    Reportedly the son of James A. Weaver and Susannah Unknown, John B. married Margaret Jane Chamberlain, the daughter of Dr. Daniel C. Chamberlain and Mary…

    by chambln

    Created 11 May 2013 - 82 views

  • Col. William Wirt (W. W.) Watkins, Sr.

    The son of Isaac Jones Watkins and Margaret Jane (Peggy) Chamberlain, of Jefferson Co., TN, W. W. Watkins first married Mary Watkins Crump, with whom he…

    by chambln

    Updated 11 May 2013 - 220 views

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  • Lewis Lafayette (L. L.) Loy

    Son of John W. (Juber) Loy and Mary Ann George. In 1873, he married Sarah Ellen (Sallie) Chapman, the daughter of Wm. B. Chapman and Anne Eliza…

    by chambln

    Updated 11 May 2013 - 133 views

  • Emily Simpson Rippey

    Wife of George Orson Rippey, Jr.

    by chambln

    Updated 10 May 2013 - 69 views

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  • George Orson Rippey

    Son of Joseph Rippey and Elizabeth Unknown. George O. Rippey married Agnes W. Black in 1854. His two surviving children were John Black and Margaret…

    by chambln

    Updated 10 May 2013 - 104 views

    Contributions 1 image

  • Rev. Edwin Floyd Rippey

    Son of Thos. Edwin Rippey and Jennie E. Whedon, of Geneva, Ontario Co., NY, and husband of Caroline Ruth Williams, whom he married on 2 Sep. 1914.

    by chambln

    Created 08 May 2013 - 96 views

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