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  • Harry David Chamberlain

    Son of Day Knox Chamberlain (1861-1949) and Rebecca Odell (1863-1904). He was married to Blanche M. Comerford (1899-1973), and settled in Ovid, Cayuga Co.

    by chambln

    Updated 20 Jun 2014 - 149 views

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  • Ruby Estelline Gregory Blackwell Beene

    Daughter of Dan Sartor Gregory, Sr., and Cora Pearl (Pearl) Chamberlain. She first married Edward G. Blackwell. After his death in 1970, she married…

    by chambln

    Updated 20 Jun 2014 - 148 views

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  • Cora Pearl (Pearl) Chamberlain Gregory

    Eldest daughter of Lawson Watkins Chamberlain and Susan Olive Frey, of Haskell Co., TX. In 1910, Pearl married Dan Sartor Gregory in Weinert, TX. The…

    by chambln

    Updated 10 Jun 2014 - 161 views

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  • Ara Bernice (Dink) Chamberlain Williamson

    Youngest daughter of Lawson Watkins Chamberlain and Susan Olive Frey, of TX. She married Asa F. Williamson in Abilene, TX, on 20 Nov. 1920. They were the…

    by chambln

    Updated 10 Jun 2014 - 139 views

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  • Margaret Louella (Maggie) Frey Alexander

    Daughter of Martin Van Buren Frey and Lucy M. Rust, of TX. In 1893, she married Wiley Carpenter Alexander. Children: Erwin D.; Thos. L.; Ruth M.;…

    by chambln

    Updated 10 Jun 2014 - 313 views

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  • Martin Van Buren Frey

    Son of Henry V. Frey (1808-1875) and Belinda Quine (1809-1875), of Logan Co., KY, and a descendant of the PA German Freys who came to America from their…

    by chambln

    Updated 10 Jun 2014 - 413 views

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  • Ava A. Gilliland Parsons

    Wife of Cornelius Parsons. Mother of Olive B.; Albert L.; Wm. R.; James L.; Lillie May; Bertha M.; and Clarence A.

    by chambln

    Created 09 Jun 2014 - 75 views

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  • Samuel Jerry (Yank) Chamberlain

    Youngest son of Daniel Ninian Chamberlain and Elizabeth Baker Frey. Children: Danny Jerrell and Glenda Joyce.

    by chambln

    Updated 09 Jun 2014 - 121 views

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  • Norma Dishman Chamberlain

    Daughter of Wm. D. Chamberlain and Ellen Dishman, of Barbourville, Knox Co., KY. She graduated from Berea College in nursing, trained there and in…

    by chambln

    Updated 09 Jun 2014 - 131 views

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  • David Beaty, Jr.

    Son of David Beaty, Sr. (b. 1695). David, Jr., married Ann Chamberlain, of York Co., PA, on 18 Jun. 1772. David and Ann were early pioneers of Butler Co.,…

    by chambln

    Updated 09 Jun 2014 - 215 views

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  • Anne Nicholson Wallace Howland

    by chambln

    Updated 08 Jun 2014 - 249 views

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  • Samuel Hardenbroek Black

    Samuel Hardenbroek Black. Son of James Black (1767-1849) and Rebecca Hardenbroek (1766-1835) of NJ, he was a graduate of Princeton. He married first…

    by chambln

    Updated 08 Jun 2014 - 464 views

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  • William Jeremiah (Jerry) Chamberlain

    Eldest son of James Chamberlain (1809-1889) and Sarah Runnels Barton (1824-1905), of Burnet, TX. Adventurer and gold prospector. Never married. He fought…

    by chambln

    Updated 07 Jun 2014 - 154 views

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  • Alton Parker (Jack) Chamberlain

    Youngest son of Lawson Watkins Chamberlain and Susan Olive Frey, of Haskell, TX. Jack was first married to Martha Simmons in Jul. 1927. With her, he had a…

    by chambln

    Updated 07 Jun 2014 - 96 views

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  • Louis Sumpter Chamberlain Jr.

    Youngest son of Rev. Louis S. Chamberlain and Margaret E. Crume. Husband of Ruth E. Lamon. Father of Nancy R.

    by chambln

    Updated 07 Jun 2014 - 101 views

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  • Gen. William Wallace

    Gen. William Wallace (1794-1864), of Blount Co., TN, was the son of Jesse Wallace (1767-1854) and Martha George 1776-1848). He married Margaret…

    by chambln

    Updated 06 Jun 2014 - 742 views

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  • Martha Lucas Wallace Twitchell

    Second daughter of Col. Alex. M. Wallace and Frances G. Singleton. Married chemist Dr. Ernst Twitchell in 1893 and moved to Cincinnati, OH.

    by chambln

    Created 05 Jun 2014 - 53 views

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  • Dr. Ernst Twitchell

    Son of Henry Twitchell and Caroline Unknown. Dr. Twitchell was a chemist from Cincinnati, OH. He married Martha Lucas (Mattie) Wallace, the daughter of…

    by chambln

    Updated 05 Jun 2014 - 194 views

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  • Mary Ellen Wallace Rodgers

    Daughter of Capt. Wm. Wallace (1779-1853) and Mary (Polly) Chamberlain (1784-1844), of Blount Co., TN. Mary Ellen Wallace was the first wife of Abram…

    by chambln

    Updated 04 Jun 2014 - 240 views

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  • Harry Alexander Rodgers, Sr.

    Son of Abram Wiley Rodgers (1823-1883) and Isabella Dick Saffell (1844-1927). First married widow Sarah (Sadie) MacGuire Rosenbaum (b. 1875), San…

    by chambln

    Updated 04 Jun 2014 - 358 views

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