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  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    Also known as the Second Battle of Fredericksburg, this battle (fought 1–5 May 1863) emboldened the Confederate troops to make a decisive strike into…

    by Whistler

    Updated 04 Mar 2014 - 23,658 views

    Contributions 19 images, 8 stories

  • Stokely Carmichael

    The "Honorary Prime Minister" of the Black Panther Party who later would coin the term, "Black Power."

    by Whistler and others can contribute.

    Updated 03 Feb 2014 - 6,010 views

    Contributions 3 images, 1 story

  • Harold Godwinson

    The last Anglo-Saxon king of England, Harold's reign was short but would forever impact history. Afterward he was praised in England and vilified in…

    by Whistler

    Updated 02 Aug 2012 - 38,361 views

    Contributions 8 images, 11 stories

  • William the Conqueror

    "Guillaume le Conquérant" in French, the first king of England who wasn't of Anglo-Saxon descent.

    by Whistler

    Updated 01 Mar 2011 - 7,965 views

    Contributions 1 image

  • Saint Edward the Confessor

    The first English king to attain sainthood, and the penultimate Anglo-Saxon king of England.

    by Whistler

    Updated 11 Nov 2010 - 9,980 views

    Contributions 2 images, 3 stories

  • The Graham Family

    The story of one of my family trees

    by Whistler

    Updated 23 Feb 2010 - 978 views

    Contributions 5 stories

  • Gregorio Papareschi

    The life of Pope Innocent II

    by Whistler

    Updated 23 Feb 2010 - 2,629 views

    Contributions 2 images, 6 stories

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