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  • Dolley Madison

    This is a page dedicated to Dolley Madison and her act of preserving historical and significant art from the White House in 1814.

    by Ryan_Olds

    Updated 11 Oct 2013 - 4,166 views

    Contributions 5 images

  • Iconic Photographs

    This is a Footnote Page for famous photographs of people though the years.

    by Ryan_Olds

    Created 07 Jun 2011 - 1,049 views

    Contributions 6 images

  • Yellowstone National Park

    This is a page dedicated to the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

    by Ryan_Olds

    Updated 17 Dec 2010 - 1,230 views

    Contributions 43 images, 4 stories

  • Lynnewood Hall

    This is a page dedicated to the Lynnewood Hall in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania built by Joseph E. Widener. As one of the quotes of Peter A.B. Widener II…

    by Ryan_Olds

    Updated 18 Nov 2010 - 3,077 views

    Contributions 8 images, 1 story

  • Walt Disney Animation through the years.

    This is a page for Disney animation and artists from the time of the 1900's to present day.

    by Ryan_Olds

    Updated 11 Nov 2010 - 60,216 views

    Contributions 14 images, 2 stories

  • Paul Newman

    This page is dedicated to the actor Paul Newman.

    by Ryan_Olds

    Updated 25 May 2010 - 367 views

    Contributions 3 images

  • Michigan Central Train Station

    This page is dedicated to the Michigan Central Train Station.

    by Ryan_Olds

    Updated 25 May 2010 - 457 views

    Contributions 10 images

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