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  • Alice Jane Horner

    1848 - 1913

    by Jordan and others can contribute.

    Updated 11 Oct 2013 - 489 views

    Contributions 1 image

  • Swan Johnson

    Swan Johnson of Kristianstad lan, Sweden and Nance County, Nebraska, 1826 - 1894.

    by Jordan and others can contribute.

    Updated 27 May 2009 - 1,343 views

    Contributions 1 image, 1 story

  • Helen Kjerstine Johnson

    Helen Kjerstine Johnson married and had a child, my mother. She was widowed and then married her sister's widower, F. Ralph Harris

    by Jordan and others can contribute.

    Created 04 May 2009 - 389 views

    Contributions 3 images

  • Lawrence Lake Jones

    by Jordan and others can contribute.

    Created 04 May 2009 - 339 views

    Contributions 1 image

  • He Fought on Both Sides of the Civil War

    Thomas David Via, a Confederate soldier who was captured at Gettysburg, and sent to a series of prison camps eventually joined the Union Army to escape…

    by Jordan

    Updated 16 Nov 2007 - 740 views

    Contributions 43 images, 2 stories

  • "Mother and Daughter Die"

    Bethene Blanche Johnson Harris died of the Spanish flu shortly after her mother Alice Margaret Gregg Johnson did in 1919. Two newspaper articles of the…

    by Jordan

    Created 21 May 2007 - 483 views

    Contributions 2 images, 2 stories

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