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  • Identifying Alburgh, Vermont's unnamed "Indian" soldiers

    During the Civil War the town of Alburg, Vermont kept a record of men who served for the town. However, there are men in the town record with no names.…

    by CanyonWolf and others can contribute.

    Updated 06 Sep 2014 - 1,272 views

    Contributions 5 images, 3 stories

  • CHERRY VALLEY - November 11th, 1778

    The story of the soldiers of the 6th (7th) Massachusetts Regiment of the Continental Line that suffered as a result of that terrible day during the…

    by CanyonWolf

    Updated 14 Oct 2011 - 12,071 views

    Contributions 5 images, 6 comments, 10 stories

  • Edward Mardin / Marden Project

    Edward Mardin (c1751-1935) of Lyman, NH, an American Revolution Ranger

    by CanyonWolf

    Updated 01 Mar 2011 - 1,856 views

    Contributions 3 images, 2 stories

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