10 Dec 1944 1
Italy 1

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Stewart Huntoon 2
Age in 1930: 7 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1923 2
10 Dec 1944 1
Italy 1
Cause: Shot-down/Combat Mission 1
Place: JASPER County, Missouri 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: JOPLIN CITY, VOTING PCT 5 2

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S/Sgt Stewart Huntoon, KIA 10 Dec. 1944


Stewart Huntoon was in the 57th Bomb Wing, the 321st Bomb Group and the 446th Bomb Squad.  He flew Combat Mission in the B-25 Mitchells, in the MTO during WW II.

KILLED IN ACTION on 10 December 1944 During a Bombing Mission on the Bologna Barracks, Bologna, Italy. The Plane was Damaged By Flak Over the Target, & Bail Out Orders Were Given;  S/Sgt. Hermanson DIED When His Cute Failed To Open Or Opened Too Late.   He and Another Crew Member (Stewart Huntoon) Were Buried In a Churchyard At Montecuccolo, Italy by Italian Farmers. Three crew members died, Three others survived. This was S/Sgt. Hermanson's 51st Mission.  He had flown 50 Missions, Returned Home to the U.S. For Over a Year, Then Rejoined the 446th Squadron & This Was His 1st Mission Upon His Return Overseas.

A/C No. 43-27895 “Haulin’ Ass” (MACR-10385 - shot down)
P->Ritger, Frederic Charles, 1Lt  – MIA, escaped, returned before 22 Dec 44
CP->Rondel, Albert Oliver, 2Lt – MIA, POW, returned
B->Kaenzig, Charles Leslie, 2Lt  – MIA, POW,  returned
G->Hermanson, Ingwal J., Sgt  – KIA, buried in churchyard at Montecuccolo, Italy
E->Allen, Emmitt Madison, Cpl  – MIA, POW, returned
R->Huntoon, Stuart L., S/Sgt  – KIA, buried in churchyard at Montecuccolo, Italy

MORE Info to come. Barbi Ennis Connolly, Historian 321st BG.

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