24 Oct 1907 1
Nov 1983 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Ben Drinkwater 1
Also known as:
Benjamin John Drinkwater 2
24 Oct 1907 1
Nov 1983 1
Last Residence: Yakima, WA 1
Plumber 2
Branch of Service:
Social Security:
Card Issued: Washington 1
Last Payment: Yakima, WA 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1342 1

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hey this is my grandpa! i have awsome memories and also his name! benjamin john drinkwater the third. ive got a facebookaccount if ur a relative or friend of us drinkwaters contact me if u wanna i'm at or on facebook as ben drinkwater , in utah not the london ben. miss u gpaps! c u on the other side!

my grandpa

yakima washington

i remember visiting my dad, (ben drinkwater jr),and headin to yakima for the weekend to visit grandpa grandma and my aunts and uncles that lived there. flowers of every color sometimes the trees were filled with fruit blossoms as well everywhere you looked, blossoms! crazy memory. i remember sneakin to the laundry chute and climbing down and always, always, gettin caught, a bit of a yelling, a wave of grandmas finger and off to the garage to see if dads go cart is still there in the shaddows with the canvas over it. always behind the caddilac, quiet but ready. a bit of air in the tires, fresh the church parkinlot we go! memories! hmm. you my namesake!! god be with you! thank you! i love you.

I don't remember much about Grandpa. I love the pictures; I've never seen them!

Hi! This is Betty (Drinkwater) Leadon on the subject of my dad, Ben J. Drinkwater Senior. Lots of memories . . . mostly my dad was a quiet man with strong opinions on many subjects. The picture of Ben Jr. with Dad was my wedding day, June 19, 1971. I'd like to add Peter and Ben III to my Facebook page of family and friends. We need a family reunion!!!!

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